Actors vs. Actions

We have created a world (or more truthfully, we have destroyed our civilization to the point) where actions no longer matter.  The actor is everything.  Left and right seem incapable of critiquing behavior without knowing the identity of the individual who acted.

Closely related is the “what about so-and-so?” defense.  Forget about the morality or appropriateness of what your guy did.  The other side’s guy did the same thing, so your guy gets a pass.

Eventually, we will get to the fringes of civility, where we will be forced to agree that there are some things that are beyond the pale.  As awful as some behavior has already become, it’s staggering to consider just how blatantly evil actions will have to be before we can agree on what is unacceptable.

Will we test the limits of human depravity before we come to our senses?  I hope not.  The 20th century offers plenty of examples of how fragile life is.  Wars, diseases, and despots all wreaked havoc on humanity.  If we can channel our ambitions toward helping each other rather than dominating each other, there may be hope.




The word conservative should prompt the question:  what are you trying to conserve?  In short, conservatives want to conserve what works.  One of the myths about conservatives is that they don’t want to change anything.  That’s completely wrong.  Take a conservative business owner and show him some cutting edge piece of equipment that will increase his productivity and lower his costs.  He’ll order one and throw away the equipment he’s been using.

It’s really that simple.

We all are conservative in that we keep doing what works in life.  Sure, we may tinker with details, but we generally don’t discard everything before we’ve found a time-tested replacement.  Look at professional athletes.  They do the same thing over and over and over.  What same thing?  The thing that works.  Sure, they make minor adjustments, but you don’t see a hockey goalie, for instance, decide he’s going to meet the attacking players at the blue line instead of staying in goal.  Minor adjustments to time-tested strategies.

That people find the concept of conservatism repulsive demonstrates how clueless they are about math, history, economics, science, and pretty much life in general.  They don’t see the level of conservatism in their own lives.  Do they drive to work the same way everyday, or do they experiment wildly everyday?  I’m guessing they’ve settled on a route that consistently gets them to the office on time.  Will they experiment with minor detours along the way?  Perhaps, but the emphasis is on “minor.”

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel or to discover fire every generation.

Anders Osborne

“Windows.”  Great song about choices we make and lost opportunities.

The Democrats in general, and Christine Blasey Ford in particular, made a choice.  They could have either tried Brett Kavanaugh in a court of law or in the court of public opinion.  They chose poorly by choosing the latter.  A betting man would have put his money on the court of opinion, too, because that’s how lefties operate.  They choose emotion over facts just about every time.

Placing blame on Ford, where the bulk of it lies, she made the choice to submit her allegations into the realm of politics rather than to the police in the jurisdiction where her allegations took place.  By that act, it was clear that her objectives were political in nature.  If exposing this was part of her healing, she would have approached either Kavanaugh himself or the police.  If it was an attempt at profiting from it by suing Kavanaugh for money, she would have sought recourse through a civil suit.  She stepped from the shadows; she wasn’t discovered and exposed.

The left had a short window of opportunity to handle the nomination process of Kavanaugh.  They got their fingers smashed when it slammed shut.  Ford assumed that she was entitled to a 36-year window of opportunity.  She wasn’t.

Politics 2016

I’ve refrained from saying anything during this tumultuous election cycle.  Glad I did, because it’s changed so much, and the surprises have been never-ending, so anything I would have said probably would have been wrong or too late.  Anyhow, it’s a toss up between Bozo the Clown and Cruella DeVilee.  Having said that, I wrote the following on facebook this morning.

Random thoughts on the whole election process. First of all, just because you have a right to do something, that doesn’t mean you should exercise that right. Not everyone should own a gun. Likewise, not everyone should vote.

What? It’s your civic duty. No, it isn’t. If exercising your right to vote is a civic duty, then so is carrying a gun. It’s a right and a privilege, not a duty. There is no obligation for you to exercise any of your constitutional rights. No one can compel you to speak, own property, or worship against your will. They can criticize you, but they cannot force you.

Second, you should demonstrate that you are qualified to vote before you are allowed to vote. We do the same with driver’s licenses, why not voting? Simple reading, civics, and economics tests can weed out those who have no clue as to how the real world works, and prevents them from driving us into a ditch. Is there any doubt that the ignorance of the average voter has been a net loss for our Republic?

How is that practical? Won’t that discourage people from voting, and clog up the works on election day? Yes, and yes, and those are both good things. Many people should be discouraged from voting, especially those for whom it’s a superficial act borne largely from partisan loyalty than from thoughtful analysis.

As far as clogging up the works, we don’t complain about waiting over an hour for a table at our favorite restaurant or an hour and a half for a roller coaster ride at Disney World that lasts two and a half minutes. Is a lengthy wait at the voting booth less important? Less voters attempting to vote may counter the delays, and pre-testing wouldn’t add any time on voting day. In fact, the overall effect very well could be shorter waiting times.

But less voters means that a handful of people are making decision that affect all of us. Well, for those who lean left, that’s what you want, isn’t it? For those who lean right, don’t you want better informed people making decisions for others?


Is there any better song to express the state of politics today?