Phil Keaggy

In honor of the end of Daylight Savings Time.  I actually prefer Standard Time.  I don’t really care that it gets dark early.  Not many people seem to share that sentiment.  This is the studio version.  There are a couple of live versions, but the quality can’t compare to this.

Bob Bennett

The Doing of the Thing.  Phil Keaggy plays the lead on this.  Great lyric in the middle of the song:

Broken souls covered in broken skin
No resolution on the video screen
And half a world away
Somebody does our bidding
Because we like to pray
With our fingernails clean

Phil Keaggy

Salvation Army Band.  Great song, great message.  Phil uses a Jam Man looper to pull this off.  I’ve seen him perform a few times, and it’s always a treat and inspiration.