JJ Cale

Most of the music in “Breaking Bad” was unfamiliar to me.  However, this song played in the first episode of season 2.  Anyhow, I decided to watch “Breaking Bad” again.  It’s my second favorite television drama (behind The Sopranos).  I like to rewatch great shows because I can usually pick out things I missed before, and I can also focus on specific elements and themes.

As I began watching this time through, I thought about how the show is largely about love.  Unconditional and conditional.  Now that I’m looking for it, it’s all over the place.  When love becomes conditional, it ceases to be love.  Weaponized affection warps human relationships.  Perhaps that was a large part of the appeal of “Breaking Bad,” since so many of us can relate to the manipulative behavior so masterfully portrayed?

Well, enjoy some JJ Cale.