Anders Osborne

“Windows.”  Great song about choices we make and lost opportunities.

The Democrats in general, and Christine Blasey Ford in particular, made a choice.  They could have either tried Brett Kavanaugh in a court of law or in the court of public opinion.  They chose poorly by choosing the latter.  A betting man would have put his money on the court of opinion, too, because that’s how lefties operate.  They choose emotion over facts just about every time.

Placing blame on Ford, where the bulk of it lies, she made the choice to submit her allegations into the realm of politics rather than to the police in the jurisdiction where her allegations took place.  By that act, it was clear that her objectives were political in nature.  If exposing this was part of her healing, she would have approached either Kavanaugh himself or the police.  If it was an attempt at profiting from it by suing Kavanaugh for money, she would have sought recourse through a civil suit.  She stepped from the shadows; she wasn’t discovered and exposed.

The left had a short window of opportunity to handle the nomination process of Kavanaugh.  They got their fingers smashed when it slammed shut.  Ford assumed that she was entitled to a 36-year window of opportunity.  She wasn’t.