Legality vs. Morality

You can’t legislate morality.  All laws are attempts to legislate morality.  So, which is it, or does the truth lie somewhere in between?

Like it or not, we’ve become a nation ruled by the priesthood of lawyers.  If it’s legal, it’s accepted as moral.  Pick any of several laws and rulings the Supreme Court and apply both labels to see if they truly are interchangeable.  Dredd Scott.  Blacks had no standing in federal court.  It was legal, so it was moral, right?  Roe v. Wade.  Abortion is legal, so it’s moral, right?  Citizens United.  Corporations have 1st amendment rights.  It’s legal, so it’s moral, right?

What the legal=moral position does is silence intellectual curiosity, debate, and personal introspection.  If someone agrees with the law, it is thrown out as a game-ender.  The position is a shield behind which people seek shelter from the bigger, moral questions of the issues of the day.  A shield that deflects the arrows of conscience, responsibility, justice, and compassion.

You cannot legislate morality, despite every attempt to do so.


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