Alex & Sierra

Toxic.  I’m not a Britney Spears fan.  I don’t think I could name or recognize any of her stuff.  Except this song, only because it’s what these two selected as their audition song.

I don’t watch these shows, but I do like to look at some of the better auditions and performances.  The attraction for me is simple.  One of the difficulties in (my) life is figuring out what I’m here for…what I’m good at and should have pursued.  Never figured that out.

Young people like these two have discovered something they excel at and have worked hard to polish their talent.  That’s a gift.  Too many people stumble around for decades, never knowing their place.

Another attraction is the support most of the people have from family or friends.  Some come through adversity, others from comfortable and stable homes, but almost all have someone rooting for them, telling them two things:  they can do it, and they’re loved even if it doesn’t work out.  Too many of us have people telling us two things:  you will probably fail, and your worth is tied to your success.

Performers like Alex and Sierra appear to have those two pieces to the puzzle:  awareness of their unique talent and support to pursue it.  They still need an accepting audience, which obviously they have found.

Good for them.


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