Susan Ashton

Susan Ashton was a great singer back a couple of decades, known as a Contemporary Christian Music artist.  She released several albums then just sort of disappeared.  She popped up here and there, but mostly stays quiet these days.  Her producer, Wayne Kirkpatrick, wrote many of her songs.  He’s a great talent, too.  Anyhow, this track is from her “A Distant Call” CD.  Co-written by Wayne Kirkpatrick and Billy Sprague.  The B-3 is played by Phil Madeira, one of my favorite artists.  Michael Rhodes plays bass.  He’s been touring with Joe Bonamassa a lot lately.  Another player on this track is Kenny Greenberg, husband/producer of another one of my favorite artists, Ashley Cleveland.

Madison Cawthorn

So, Madison Cawthorn trounced Lynda Bennett in the Republican runoff election on June 23.  Beat her 2 to 1.  I saw an AP article, gleefully cackling about how two candidates supported by Trump lost in Tuesday’s elections.  I voted for Cawthorn, so I’ve got my own perspective on the election.  Maybe others feel the same way, maybe I’m an outlier.  I don’t know, but here goes.

First, whether it’s true or not, and whether it’s fair or not, Lynda Bennett was cast as a Never Trumper.  That hurt her.  So, the AP’s take on the election is flawed from the start.  Trump’s popularity ran counter to her reputation, likely costing her votes.  Apparently, a lot of votes, given the 66% to 34% final tally.

Second, when Mark Meadows abandoned his constituents and resigned, rather than fulfilling his term, Lynda Bennett announced her candidacy about two hours after his announcement.  Clearly, she was tagged as his replacement.  Why would that be a problem?

Quite simply, Bennett appeared to be the establishment’s choice.  What has the establishment of the RNC done for voters, conservatism, or America?  Precious little.  During the overreach of the government during the Covid-19 lockdowns, and now with the anarchy prompted by the events in Minneapolis, virtually all Republicans have buried themselves in their bunkers and tried not to say anything offensive.  There has been precious little in the way of leadership in demanding civil liberties and adherence to the law.

If Republican leaders aren’t going to lead, then it’s time to replace them with people who will.  Why choose the candidate that all the do-nothing party bosses want?  Instead, voters chose a candidate who just may buck the party and stand up for what’s right.

I hope that Madison Cawthorn turns out to be the right man for the job.  We need someone who unashamedly supports the ideals that this country was founded upon and needs to preserve in order to survive.

I would have voted for either in November, because it’s important to keep the Democrats from amassing any more power, but I’m happy that NC 11th Congressional District has the opportunity to be represented by someone not beholden to the party bosses who have largely failed the party faithful and the country.


The Grass Roots

Creed Bratton from the television show “The Office” was a character played by Creed Bratton.  Creed was a member of The Grass Roots, who had a number of hits back in the day.


Birth Order

Does it make a difference if someone is the oldest or youngest in their family?  Sure, I’ll buy that.  Does it make a significant difference?  That’s where the debate comes in.  Much is said about the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.  It’s often said that it is the first amendment because it’s the most important freedom.  If that reasoning is true, then that same reasoning would have guided the framers of the Constitution throughout the document.

Article 1 lays out the framework for the Legislative Branch.  Hmm, that seems significant.  Article 2 addresses the Executive Branch.  Hmm, that seems significant, too.  Apparently, the Founding Fathers viewed the Legislative Branch as being more important that the Executive Branch.  I wonder why that might be?  What does an executive do?  He executes.  What does he execute?  The laws passed by the legislature.

Before the ink was dry on the US Constitution the three branches were vying for power.  The Founding Fathers understood human nature, and certainly anticipated that, so they built in checks and balances to hopefully minimize the concentration of power by one branch.  Unfortunately, the Legislative Branch has yielded more and more authority to the Executive Branch over the decades.  Also, tragically, the States yielded their authority and voice within the federal government when the 17th amendment passed.

The vision and blueprint that the Founding Fathers gave us was that the people, through the House, and the several States, through the Senate, would pass legislation that the Executive Branch, headed by the President, would carry out.  The office of the President was designed to be the servant of the Congress, and thus the servant of the people, not the master.

During this crisis, much of it self-imposed and imaginary, where has the Legislative Branch been?  Basically, on vacation, leaving the Executive Branch to deal with the mess.  Hopefully, this crisis will have repercussions at the voting booth in November, and voters will remember those who ran away from their responsibilities and vote them out.  Also, let’s hope that those who chose authoritarian measures and suppression of our rights will be ushered out.

Covid-19 and the Electoral College

So, Governor Cuomo of New York is seizing medical equipment from upstate and relocating it to NYC.  That disturbing action raises several red flags.  I’m not optimistic that our dumbed down society can grasp the messages that it sends.

Let’s focus on the thuggish behavior of the Governor.  His priority is to rescue the urban center at the expense of all others.  Commandeering equipment from the rural counties, that possibly planned better and were prepared, Cuomo demonstrated that he is more interested in the area of the state with the most reliable voters.

That, in a nutshell, makes the case for the electoral college.  Ramp up Cuomo’s actions on a nationwide scale.  Imagine all the medical equipment disappearing from Iowa, Delaware, Maine, the Dakotas, Utah, and other sparsely populated states to be used in NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami, and Washington DC.

Cuomo’s self-serving actions are exactly the type of behavior our Founding Fathers were trying to guard against when they set up the electoral college.  Sacrificing the welfare of the less populated areas of the country and ignoring the plight of those with a smaller voice are the predictable tactics of tyrants.  Cuomo is the prime example right now of what they knew would be the result of a national popular vote.


We’ve willingly sacrificed unknown future prosperity to save lives now.  Businesses have been shut down, both voluntarily and involuntarily, and many will not reopen once we begin to venture out from our homes and attempt to reboot the economy and a semblance of normal living.  For the most part, people have willingly–although somewhat grudgingly–accepted this extreme reaction for the good of society as a whole.

What we’ve unveiled is the willingness of Americans to sacrifice today for our children’s future tomorrow.  Whether it’s constitutional or not, and whether we agree with it or not, the government did take the lead in demanding these sacrifices.  We’re all hoping that we weren’t too late.

It’s late, hopefully not too late, but we must sacrifice to deal with the national debt.  By far the largest expenditures are entitlement payments.  We’ve sacrificed producers in our economy while trying to combat this virus.  It’s time to sacrifice consumers while trying to combat the debt.  It will take some brave politician to step up, take the lead, and point out the obvious economic truth of what lies ahead.

We have shown that we are capable of great sacrifice in the face of an unknown threat.  Continuing to add to the national debt doesn’t just threaten us;  it will ruin us.  The sacrifice to avoid that is simply that our governments live within their means.  Balancing federal, state, and local governments would disrupt the economy less than what we’ve done to it in the past two weeks.

It’s time to stop sacrificing our children’s future for our comfort today and to begin sacrificing now for our children’s future.